Next year, we will set unique advances for our local team, since we are hosting our second international event: the Aerospace Manufacturing Symposium, which is taking place from March 12th to the 16th. Despite the exhausting thrust at work, we seem to take everything in our stride as our university’s experts and partnering companies deploys wide, recognised experience in composites, not to mention the many studies that have been carried out in our technical school, thus presenting us as a top reference when it comes to material and its aerospace integration. Furthermore, the Local Board have sought to precise every single step into a highly-formative experience, letting members take broad awareness of the many material currently being used and its relevance for the immediate future in both aeronautics and space tasks, all the while ensuring the cultural exchange comes into the venture. Not only will they take training that it will also be delightful how our culture thrives into your ideas, profoundly honest, and incurable warm.

As a technical event, we’ll provide powerful teaching coming from professional and top-researchers, most of whom located in companies around as Airbus, Alestis or Titania or even our technical school. The latest studies, research and technologies will be addressed, many of which you had had no previous exposure, and clear awareness of the upcoming future when talked about materials will be discussed in open-forms.


A short but intense event designed to amaze and delight our participants while learning about Aerospace Manufacturing in such an unrivalled location as the bay of Cádiz.

In case you need further information, please contact the organisation team:

  • Luis Miguel Batista Outón: +34 660 366 001;
  • Pablo Flores Chaparro:       +34 606 521 631;
  • Isabel Casanova Serrano:  +34 639 135 958;