Learn about Cádiz

Cádiz is considered the oldest city in the Western Europe. Its foundation (1100 BC) is due to the Phoenicians, a fishing village that would make “Gadir” an important commercial colony in which Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths and Muslims would later settle. The Cathedral, visible from the sea, especially its dome covered with golden tiles, fits perfectly with the appearance Cádiz colonialaris.

Cádiz is located on the south of Spain, in a region called “Andalucía” also known as Andalusia for the English speakers. This region is also divided into 8 districts.

The Carnivals, declared of International Tourist Interest, are the most important festivals in the city. The whole town disguises itself and takes to the streets to live the joy, laughter and debauchery of this celebration. During these days the city center and specially “El Gran Teatro Falla”, a building where the carnival contest is hold, are the main landmarks of the city.

In the following video can see all the features that the Cádiz province offers.

Currently the aeronautical sector of Cádiz have identified 41 companies that belong to the auxiliary industry or work as subcontractors for both tractor companies such as “Airbus” or “Alestis”.